Various Shoe Injection Molding Machine

Product Details


1、Specially producing all kings of single/double/three colors soles of sports shoes, slipper, sandal, sole of casual shoes, ladies and gentlemen"s shoes, etc.

2、Specially for producing the foaming, unfoaming soles of thermoplastic materials, PVC, TPR or TPU.

3、Full automatic computer controlling system, with pressure and flow proportional control, can control its technological requirements of different mould.

4、Adopts import linear potentiometer to control plastic volume. The injection accuracy is up to 0.lmm, and then ensures its stable quality.

5、The heating zone adopts advanced electronis solid relay. It can frequently electrify for long time without any the temperature will be shown on the control box.

6、Aoutomratic adjustment system of mould parallelizing can ensure regular products with smooth edge.

7、With strong close mould base and lock mould power, close mould at one step, three colors material injected simultaneously to save time and increase production and profit.

8、This machine can produce single, double and three colors products.

9、The output is about 180 pairs per hour.

Main Technical Parameters:

Technical TermsUnit of ParameterHJ-6324B
Injection CapacityG780×1/620×2
Injection precisionG±0.45
Injection hydraulic pressureMpa 6×1/7.5×1
Screw rotary speedr/min  0-200
Injection speedCM/sec10
Mould clamping pressureMpa5
System hydraulic pressureMpa 16
Max injection strokemm200
Mould-opening strokemm300
Oil tank capacityKg720
Electrothermal powerKw10
Power of motorKw3×22
Mould station numbera24
Max. dimension of mouldmm10000×8500×2200
Machine weightKg25500

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