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tyre shredder mill also called tire shredder mill

1. High capacity 

2. Centrifugal cast roll hardness 

3. Suitable for steel wire tire and others

high quality and effective XKP- 560 tyre shredder mill

1- Name :

Rubber crusher,Rubber craker,craker mill,tyre powder machine

2- Use:

The rubber cracker is used for breaking,shredder rubber into smaller .Also as tire recycling machine ,is used to break,plasticize,mix rubber materials.

3- Main features:

A. The roll adopts the vanadium titanium metal alloy chilled cast iron and its surface is hard and wear-proof. The internal cavity is processed to make temperature well proportioned on the roll surface.

B. The machine is equipped with an overload protection device to prevent the main components from being damaged.

C. The machine is also equipped with an emergency brake device. When an emergent arises, just draw the safety pull rod, and the machine will stop immediately. It is safe and reliable.

D. The transmission system adopts a hardened tooth-surface reducer, which has a compact structure with higher transmission efficiency, lower noise and longer service life.

E. The base frame is a whole framework, which is convenient for installation.

F. Auto-lubrication sysytem for greese or oil and match bearing bush.

4. Certification  :  ISO9001&CE ,Ghost

5. Technical parameters

Version & Parameters

Back roll diameter (mm)400450560
Front roll diameter (mm) with groove400450560
Working length of rolls600650800
Front roll surface speed(m/mn)18.6524.5025.60
Friction ratio1:1.271:1.271:1.27
Max nip(min)8815
Feeding capacity per hour (kg)200 - 400600 - 8002000
Power (kw)375555


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