Thermoplastic Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

1.injection molding machines with servo motor;

2.20~80% energy saving;

3.injection weight 47-2266g;

4.Shot cycle time:12s

Main features:

a).Computer control with optional languages(Chinese,English, Russian,etc.),big screen(7'or 10') Multi-color LCD, input machine control parameters through the touch screen,real time monitor and animation display all machine movement;

b).Chrome plated tie bars with double-cylinder balanced injection system;

c).Auto lubrication system-grease & lubrication oil independent lubrication system can lubricate everywhere need lubrication in the best situation;

d).Mould data memory system, with  USB(2.0) port & ethernet(100-base T) ports, and printer port;

e).Multi-stage and level pressure &speed injection;

f).Screw back pressure adjustment device, melt decompression control;

g).Low pressure mold close protection, low speed mold open to protect output products;

h).Multi hydraulic ejection mode;

i).Mechanical, double electrical safety interlock device;

j).Automatic mould adjustment function, driven by dydraulic motor, adopts gearcoupling drive,steady, fast, save mold loading time. New generation toggle mold locking device,computer simulation optimize design goggle parameters, making moving platen moves fast and steady, cabinet structure moving platen, fixed platen and high rigidity toggle, ensures high strength and anti-fatigue. Compare with other same level machine, it has bigger space between tie bar, bigger mold space and stroke, so it can produce bigger size plastic products. The moving platen is fitted with adjustable slide support system to improve platen parallelism and provide better tie bar and mould protection and lengthen the working lifetime; Euromap-based platen layout with both T-slot & tap holes, loacting design in moveing platen to better suit variou molds.

K).Oil pipelines are positioned for aesthetic appearance and easy for maintenance;

L).Nozzle alignment is provided using a simple mechanism with fine adjustment for accurate centering;

M).Injection unit applied AC servo-motor to feed materials, which is precise(suitable for producing super thin and macro-complicate precision products) and power saving.

M).Energy saving, of which can save 20%~80% of energy consumption.

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