steel cord conveyor belt Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt Hot Splicing Joint Machine

Product Details

Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt Hot Splicing Joint Machine is a dependable, lightweight, portable press, which is widely used in the field of metallurgy, mining, power plants, ports, building materials, chemical industry, etc. Heating plates available in EP, rubber, Canvas, nylon and steel cord belt. Platens available in rhombic, rectangular or combined type (2 or more sets of heating plates) configurations.

Product Application

Our conveyor belt hot splicing machine are mainly applied to industries for splicing and repairing for conveyor belts such as metallurgy, mine, power plant, port, dock, construction material cement, chemical industry , tobacco ,and food automatic line field.
1.Machine Maximum size: from 300MM-6000MM;
2.Voltage: 220V 380V 415V 660V 50HZ;
3.Fast Cooling time: 15 minutes (from 145 degrees down to 70 degrees or less);
4.Time for temperature raise (from normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature) no more than 25 minutes;
5.The temperature difference of sulfide surface: ±2°c. 
6.Temperature adjustment range: 0~300°c.
7.Vulcanizing pressure: 0~2.5 MPa (details refer to users' specifications and factory markings);
8.Time of heat preservation for vulcanizing could be adjusted according to thickness of the rubber belts;
9. Splicing length of rubber conveyor belt for vulcanizing jointing could be connected together by single or several pieces if necessary;
10. rubber conveyor belt as well as tension in kilogram required for vulcanizing jointing when ordering products.
11. Users could order spare electric pumps additionally according to requirements.
Model for Choice( or Just me your belt size, belt type)

Main Features

1) The conveyor belt splicing joint machine is simple structure, ,easy in installation and maintenance.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 

3) The conveyor belt hot joint machine adopts high strong guide screw . 

4) The rubber conveyor belt joint machine is durable in use, not easy cause problem. 









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