Skateboard Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

1.Vertical mold closing, products molded through double slide alternating process, safe operation, working efficiency improved.

2.Direct-pressure mold-closing mechanism with fast mold closing and slow low pressure clamping. Automatic mold-open protection mechanism for abnormity at the clamping,ensuring the safety and speed.

3.4-scetiom temperature control,multi-section injecting,pressing and pressure retaining,injection velocity adjusted.

Fully computerized double electric ruler control, automatic alarm, easy for eliminating failures and maintenance work, with clamping force of 30T-300T.

4.Double injection cylinder system ensuring stability.Hydraulic or pneumatic mode optional for ejector pin.

Applicable Scope:

1. ABS / PVC / PA / PP / PC / POM / PBT / fluorine compounds and other heavy engineering plastics injection molding.

2 .TPE / TPU / TPV / TPR , shoe material and other engineering plastics  precision injection molding/ tool wrapper / sealing components etc.

3 .LCP / LED / skeleton monolithic metal connectors precision injection molding. 

4 Precision Auto/motorcycle Parts, Auto Electrical Parts, Transmission, sensing system components, air filter parts and engineering plastics metal embedded plastics.

5 Lockset inserts plastics, containers and other engineering plastics products (such as: cosmetics containers / sensors / jacket / sleeve / fax paper shaft, etc. ...)

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