Servo Motor Driven Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

Model Number: ST-200M8S

Screw diameter: 53mm

Screw L/D ratio: 20L/D

Shot Volume:529cm3

Injection weight:495g

Injection rate: 188.5cm3/s

Plasticizing capacity:28.7g/s

Injection pressure:157Mpa

Screw speed: 170rpm

Clamp tonnage: 2000KN

Toggle stroke: 490mm

Space between tie bars: 530*530mm

Max.mold height: 550mm

Min.mold height: 200mm

Ejector stroke: 140mm

Ejector tonnage: 67KN

Max.pump pressure: 17.5Mpa

Pump motor power: 18.5KW

Heater powre:14.1KW

Machine dimension: 5.4*1.32*2.1m

Machine weight:6.8T


M8-S servo motor and energy machine adopt fully digital closed loop control,and the pressure can accurate to 0.3 bar, with high precision and stable flow, especially under low flow rate. Adopt permanent magnet sychronous motor and motor drive with high response .From 0~maximum flow rate, it only needs 60ms, and from 0~maximum pressure needs about 100ms.


Compared to fixed pump machine and variable displacement machine, the oil temperature of M8-S series machine is the lowest, cause there is no extra energy lost via the reief valve.That  will prolong the using times of hydraulic oil and lessen wear, at the same time, saving cooling water.


Adopt internal gear pump improted from Germany and have advantages of small leakage, stale and precise,long service life and low noise. Compared with fixed pump machine, the average noise of M8-S can be reduced down 20dB.

Packaging & Shipping

Steel pellete case fit for transportation shipping by 20ft or 40ft container

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