Rubber Sole Molding Press

Product Details

This rubber sole molding press machine is especially for making various kinds of rubber shoe sole.


Pressure:50ton×3 stations

Plate size:330×400×50mm

Plate unite pressure:3.8Mpa

Daylight: 200mm

Layer: 2

Piston stroke:400mm

Hydraulic system pressure:15.9Mpa

Plunger Diameter: φ200mm

Cylinder number: 1×3

Speed of close mold:≥20mm/s

Speed of open mold:≥25mm/s

Motor power: 3+2.2 KW


1. The rubber sole molding press is simple and convenient structure , flexible operation, commodious space. The cylinder and plunger are made up of high –quality materials.

2. The rubber sole molding press is conviniently operated.

3. The rubber sole molding press is without oil spilling or off pressure.

4. The control method can be changed as client's requirements. automatic or manual or PLC control.

5. Power Distribution Cabinet and Motor are located in the both sides of the machine.

6. High Efficiency: adopted specific steel pipe to make heating-plate, large thermal conductive area, rapidly heating and cooling and its efficiency is 20% higher than the same kinds of products.

7. Material Saving: after grinding the shape-bored steel plate, which is smooth an polished, and 30% of mould release agent can be saved.

8. Steam Saving: the machine uses thermal keeping design and a thermal isolation cover is formed around the machine set, thus 20% of steam can be saved.

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