Rubber Slab Batch Off Cooling Machine

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Rubber Batch off Plant/ Rubber Slab Batch Off Cooling Machine Technical Parameters:

Batch-off Unit Model No.XPG-600-700XPG-800-900
Available slab specification(4-12)x600-700(4-12)x800-900
Front take-away conveyor belt max. linear velocity40m/min40m/min
Rubber strip hanging bar moving speed0.117-2.3m/min0.117-2.3m/min
Axial fan0.37kW 5760m³/h0.37kW 5760m³/h
Swing range and frequency1.3m 10-16times/min1.3m 10-16times/min
Rubber strip temperature after cooling≤Room temperature +5ºC≤Room temperature +5ºC
Speed-adjusting frequency motor of lifting deviceXWD-5.5-1/23XWD-5.5-1/23
Speed-adjusting frequency motor of rubber swing deviceXWD1.1-5-1/87XWD1.1-5-1/87
Rubber bar pitch160 or 101.6160 or 101.6
Max. hanging height of rubber strip1400mm1400mm

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