Rubber Sheet Suspension Batch Off Plant

Product Details

Rubber Sheet Suspension Batch Off Plant working procedure--after kneading, mixing, the rubber material has been pressed to hot rubber strip/sheet. This machine can make the hot rubber strip/sheet cooling. The work procedure is 

1. Take the hot rubber strip/sheet in, coat it with release agent.  

2. Hang the rubber strip/sheet on festoons, cool and dry it by fans.  

3. Stack rubber strip/sheet on pallet.

The batch off plant is floor stand type with the features of simple & rational structure, easy to operate.

The rubber batch off plant mainly consists of machine body and electrical control system. The machine body consists of inlet module, cooling device, lifting device, festoon module, down swing device,operating platform, and ladder etc. 

The electrical control system is in a control box, and set e mergency control device at inlet module and stacking module.

Rubber Suspension Batch off Plant Main Features

1) Simple structure easy in installation and maintenance.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 

3) With adjustable knives can slit the rubber sheet into strips as per the width customer needs.

4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution.

5) Can be connected with open mixing mill or rubber extruder ,directly inline with the rubber sheet feeding machine . 

Product Description
A. Inlet & Dip device
1. Structure and Function
Inlet module includes transport belt and cooling tank, the rubber sheet dipped into the stainless steel cooling tank by a conveyor belt, coated with a release agent and get the initial cooling. Inlet conveyor belt is driven by a motor reducer. After inlet conveyor belt there are three cylinders, one for inlet conveyor uplift and drop down, one for printing, one for compacting. The cooling tank equipped with cylinder for drop down (dip) the rubber sheet.
2.Technical parameters
Linear speed: 4-36m/min
Connector Cylinder: SJBI80 * 200MP2
Compaction Cylinder: QGB Ⅱ -100 * 120MF1
Roller cylinder: QGB Ⅱ -100 * 500MF1
Motor: XWD1.5-4-1/29
B. Lifting device
1. Structure and Function
Lifting device is to lift the soaked rubber sheet and hang it to the hanging rod/festoons. It Includes clamping transport device, transmission device. Transportation belt and grip belt adopts no joint trench belt.
2. Technical Parameters
Reducer: XWD1.5-3-1/11
Transportation belt maximum linear speed: 36m/min
3. Hanging Module
Able to cool the rubber sheet from 80-120℃ to 5℃ above ambient room temperature.
4. Hanging Rubber Sheet Device
C. Function and Structure
1. This device makes Rubber sheet moving slowly on festoon. The rubber sheet is cooled by fans blowing.
Festoon traction chain is driven by a motor. Dandy roll is mounted on festoon frame near the lifting device. Dandy roll makes the rubber sheet hanging firmly on festoons. And there’s poke device here- makes the inlet rubber sheet(fed by lifting device) go into festoons automatically. Eliminate the danger of artificial hanging rubber sheet.
2. Technical Parameters
Transport Chain Drive: Motor Drive: XWED5.5-85-595
Hanging height: 1400mm 
Hanging rod/festoon spacing: 120mm
D. Axial fan: 750W
Number of fans: 8-16
E. Exit Module
Function and Structure
Rubber sheet after cooling is transported forward by back conveyor automatically to the end of the machine, been cut manually then stacking to the pallet.
2.Technical parameters:
Conveyor motor: XWD1.5-3-1/11

Able to stack rubber sheet/strips on pallet with dimensions 1300X1000 mm at stacking height max 1000 mm.

Common Model, the machine also support customize. 

batch off11.jpg

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