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Product Details

rubber crusher mill features:

1. Base Seat: Adopts 250mm H shape steel welded together,Full welding at all necessary  Joint & Grind properly.After welding adopts nominalizing treatment. So the whole machine structure is very strong and stable.Our rubber refining mill have strength to withstand vibration load during usage of refiner [24hrsx7days x52 weeks ].

2. Body Frame: Adopts integral casting, then smouldering fire treatment.

3. Rolls: The rollers are made of chilled cast iron with wear-resistant hard surface. The back roller are grooved. The bored rolls can be cooled  homogeneously through inputting steam and cooling water.The two rollers rotate reversely with different speed, so that rubber material can be processed. The roller surface is plating with Chromium (the Cr coating thickness is 0.08-0.10mm), to enhance hardness and prolong service life.

4. The transmission system: Reducer adopts a hardened reducer, which has a compacted structure with higher transmission efficiency, lower noise and longer service life.

5. Bearing: Nylon bush bearing.

6. Lubrication: grease lubrication.

7. Nip Setting: Treaded  spindled  with Vernier  Indexing  Plate.

8. Protection Pad: To protect the machine from damaged by over load.

9. Roller  Heating & Cooling :Universal  Rotary Joints  with  pipe and Headers.

10. Brake System: when push the emergency stop button, the machine will stop immediately,  meet international rules to protect operator's safety.

11. Electrical Control Panel: have  facility  for star  delta starting ; Lubrication  motor Interlocks ; Phase  Indications.

12. Motor: the motor adopts China famous brand-Shandong Kaiyuan Brand, motor wire is made of copper. It's very durable and can longtime continuous running in scurviness condition.

13. Other: The machine equipped with rubber scrap  Guides & Tray.

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