mixing of rubber compounds Rubber Compound Kneading Mixer

Product Details

1. The rubber compound kneading mixer sealing system will keep the machine never leak powder within 3 to 5 years.

2. The rubber compound kneading mixer machine can save electricity above 15% due to zero friction.

3. The inner working plane of the mixing chamber is in chrome treatment; and the bottom is equipped with the thermocouple for temperature detection.

4. The overall surfacing of the rotor is made from the highly wear-resisting hard alloy; the end plate is specially designed with the anti-back-flow rubber tank.

5. Rolling mechanism adopts spiral bevel double-geared reducer; the worm gear case will be almost unbroken in normal use.

6. Main reducer uses hardened-gear reducer which specialized for roll-over mixer, it ensures the abrasion resistance.

7. The rotor bearings and composite bearing bush are lubricated based on microcomputer automatic lubrication system.

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