Plastic Switch And Socket Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

Our plastic wwitch and socket injection molding machine support five langues: English, Russia, Turkish, Spanish and Chinese. And it is designed easily operation and maintenance. 


New type 5-point toggle device with the advantage of stable movement curve and gentle shock

Hard chrome plated high tensile strength tie bars made of superior alloy with a good wear and corrosion resistance ability

Transducer control clamping stroke


Nitrided screw and barrel with long service life

Smelted screw with big L/D ratio to the result of high quality plasticizing and color-fixing

Transducer control injection stroke

The machines have compact structure, reasonable design, high configuration, energy  saving, suitable for producing different small weight, small size and hig precision products.

Screw Diameter(mm)32
Injection Pressure(Mpa)178.4
Theoretical Shot Volume(cm3)157
Max Shot Weight[PS](g/oz)146/5.07
Injection Rate(cm3/sec)89
Screw Stroke(mm)140
Screw Speed (rpm)0-160
Nozzle Contact Force(ton)3.5
Nozzle Retraction Stroke (mm)200
Stages/Number of Temperature Control(Zone)3
Clamping Force(kn/tf)569/55
Top Platen Size(mm)620×490
Bottom Platen Size(mm)655×540
Distance Between Columns(mm)         Distance Between Tie Bare495×255
Min. Mold Thickness(mm)180
Mold Opening Stroke(mm)200
Max. Opening Distance(mm)380
Ejector Force(tf)1.7
Ejector Stroke(mm)45
Max. Hydraulic Pressure(Mpa)14
Oil Pump Output(L/min)53
Oil Tank Capacity(L)155
Cooling Water Consumption(L/h)800-1000
Pump Motor Power(KW)7.5(10HP)
Barrel Heating Power(KW)4.5
Total Wattage(KW)12
Machine Weight(KG)2000
Machine Size(mm)2100×1200×2500

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