cold feed rubber extruder Pin Barrel Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

Product Details

Pin Barrel Cold Feed Rubber Extruder, Rubber extruder is widely used in extruding rubber hose, tubes, rubber sheet, inner liner, seals, wire cable, sheath, tire side wall, also be used to supply rubber for small size calender.

Compare with ordinary pin barrel cold feed extruder.Our new type pin barrel cold feed rubber extruder has below features: accept low temperature rubber feeding, high production capacity, good mixing quality, uniformity plasticizing effect, low power consumption, stable, durable, easy to operate and maintenance.With one screw can extrude rubber out stably and evenly.

Production Capacity of model 90: 250-400KG/h

Production Capacity of model 120: 600-1000KG/h

Screw Diameter: 90mm

L/D Ratio: 14:1(16:1)

Screw Rotation Speed: 6.7-67 RPM

Max. Production Speed: 250-400KG/h

Screw Drive Motor: Variable Frequency Motor( Power 55KW)

Reducer: ZLY 225 Hardened Reducer (square chese shape appearance)

Overall Dimension(L×W×H)mm: 2440×1000×1450

The screw material adopts 38CrMOALA alloy steel, after quenching and tempering, shaping, qualitative, precision grinding, surface nitriding spray bimetal, polishing, etc., with the feature of high precision, corrosion preventive.

The material is: 38CrMOALA

Temper Degree:HB240°~280°

Nitriding Hardness:HV850°~1000°

Nitriding Deepness:0.45~0.7mm

Nitriding Brittleness:≤Grade Ⅱ 

Surface Roughness:Ra0.4

Screw Straightness:0.015mm

Hard Chrome Plating after Nitriding:≥900HV

Chrome Thickness:0.05~0.10mm

Two-phase Alloys:HRC56°~65°(nickel-base alloy)

Alloy Deepness:1.5~2.0mm

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