Rubber Two Roll Open Mixing Mill

Product Details

1. Based on push-back drive, the stress direction of the reducer output shaft base is changed, and it is uneasy to loose, so that the service life of the equipment is greatly extended and the maintenance costs are reduced.

2. Triple drive harden-gear reducer and the rolling bearing are used to replace the big and small driving wheels and the bearing supports, which extend the service life.


Rubber Two Roll Open Mixing Mill is mainly used in Rubber & Plastic Product factory for Natural Rubber Mixing (plasticizing), Raw Rubber and Compound mixing, rubber warm-up mixing and pressing sheet. Two roll mixing mill is also the main machine to make reclaimed rubber.

1. Rubber open mixing mill can be used to mixing rubber or press rubber sheet.

2. Rubber open mill can be followed by batch off plant, or plate vulcanizing press depends on what you make next step. 

3. The two roll open mixing mill roll has hollowed structure or drilled structure which ensures good cooling effect. 

4. The two roll rubber open mill can add a head for easy stock turning. 

5. Our rubber roller mill get  ISO, CE, GOST certificate for any market exporting. 

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