Oil Seal Vulcanizing Press

Product Details

The oil seal vulcanizing press with vacuum function  is designed for oil seal production specially.

Oil Seal Vulcanizing Press Structure  and features:

1. Oil seal vulcanizing press can use common plate vulcanizing press or vaccum vulcanizing press, the machine with vacuum hood device make Vulcanization time shortened,improving production efficiency.

2. Oil seal vulcanizing press has high vacuum systems, material flow resistance, to eliminate air bubbles within the product package, product zero defects.

3. Oil seal vulcanizing press quick opening and closing mold, high production efficiency; slow locking to protect the mold; automatic mold, exhaust, from the type of automatic cycle, each stage can be freely controlled.

4. Oil seal vulcanizing press PLC programmable controller and touch screen LCD, simple operation, the user can quickly modify their process requirements and lock process parameters, to ensure product quality.

5. Electric heating using stepwise heating pipe, high precision temperature control, temperature display and intuitive.

6. With automatic pressure compensation function in the suppression of the process can be automatically added material flow caused by the pressure drop.

7. Institutional design is simple, maintenance more convenient.

Item / Specifications ST-100TST-150T
Clamping force 1000KN1500KN
Clamping stroke 140mm140mm
Heating plate spaceing200mm200mm
Rapid clamping speed≥20mm/s≥20mm/s
Heating plate size350mmx400mm450mmx480mm
Max temperature250℃250℃
Number of working layers1 layers1 layer
Motor power4.0KW5.5KW
Heating power12.0KW15.3KW
Extenal dimension(LxWxH)1200x2200x2100(mm)1400x2500x2100(mm)
Oil tank capacity260L300L

If you need other model or have other requirements, please feel free to contace me.

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