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What Are The Commonly Used Rubber Machines? What Are The Characteristics Of Each?

   At present in the production and processing of rubber products, often use a variety of rubber machinery and equipment. Every kind of machinery actually plays a very important role. It is because of these different equipment with, and ultimately produce a good performance of the various rubber products. So, what do you know about the commonly used rubber machinery? The following look at the specific content of it!

    In general, in the actual production work, all for the preparation of rubber, or for the manufacture of rubber semi-finished products are rubber machinery. Which also includes a variety of raw materials processing machinery, as well as mixing machine, extruder, calender and so on. One of the mixing machine mainly includes open and closed two categories. In contrast, the structure of the former is relatively simple.

    Of course, its application is still relatively wide, usually we are using this rubber machinery to complete the rubber hot, broken plastic, tablet, plastic and mixing and other processing processes. While the closed-type rubber mixing machine than the open-ended results of a more intensive room. As for the extruder, it is generally used for extrusion tread, tube, hose and a variety of rubber-type, but also can be used for coating cables and wire products.

    Similarly, as one of the rubber machinery equipment, calender since the application has also achieved good results. Especially with the birth of the new calendering machine, making the work of the plastics industry has been significantly improved, not only to enhance the accuracy of work, but also enhance the efficiency.

    In addition, there are two more common rubber machinery, that is, rubber cutting machine and rubber trimmer. The main role of the former is to help users friends quickly cut the rubber, the cutting power is very high. While the latter is mainly used to remove rubber molded goods of the flash, belonging to the process after the one of the mechanical equipment.