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The Role Of Rubber Plate Vulcanizing Press

Rubber flat vulcanizing press is mainly used for vulcanized flat type tape, it has a hot plate per unit area pressure, equipment, reliable operation and less maintenance, etc. The main function of the flat vulcanizing machine is to provide the pressure and temperature required for vulcanization pressure from the hydraulic The system is produced by the hydraulic cylinder and the temperature is provided by the heating medium. There are single and double layers according to the number of working layers: the working medium according to the hydraulic system can be divided into oil and water pressure. In the flat vulcanizing machine rubber industry, the column flat belt flat vulcanizing machine is the use of an earlier model, China used in the past flat belt vulcanizing machine is also mostly column structure, but now the use of frame structure. Frame flat belt vulcanizing machine and column flat belt flat vulcanizing machine compared to a certain advantage.