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Plastic Machinery Industry Trends

(1) from the development of plastic Machinery, plastic machinery to provide users from the products, process recipes, equipment and after-sales service, such as full-service.

(2) in accordance with the requirements of users, designed and manufactured for users to solve their difficult process of the application of equipment.

(3) timely reference to the relevant industries of technological development, all kinds of the latest scientific and technological achievements applied to the industry. Such as electronics, communications industry and the automotive industry, aerospace industry scientific and technological achievements.

(4) keep up with the progress of materials science, so that new equipment to adapt to the processing of new raw materials.

(5) to establish users in the market competition in the success or failure of the key factor is the idea of equipment, and strive to operate the equipment of high-speed, efficient and energy saving.

(6) between enterprises have optimized reorganization of the case, but no large chemical companies that large-scale joint. As foreign professional collaboration is very mature, the scale of plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises will not be too large.