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How To Make Rubber Machinery To Be Energy Efficient?

 In order to catch up with the advanced countries of the rubber machinery technology, some of our country's rubber machinery is also constantly studying how to self-development, and also developed a number of more energy-efficient rubber machinery, of course, after the late improvement of its performance is good. So how should we make rubber machinery more energy-efficient? Do you have any good way.

      When we are curing, if we want to carry out energy conservation, then we can carry out the same temperature of the vulcanization, this way can be very good to shorten the vulcanization of the tire when the cycle caused by the tire, which greatly reduced the heating needs Of the heat, but also reduce the transport of energy loss, so that will not let the tires appear too much wear and tear. If the temperature outside the shorter time of 3.5 minutes, then he can make a good tire tread to be improved.

      If this time we are in a short time the temperature is relatively high vulcanization, then his total time will be shorter, so that the tire temperature of different materials can be relatively peaceful, and the degree of vulcanization is almost the same, so that you can let the tire The composition is more reasonable, and thus the quality of the tire has been guaranteed.