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Brief Description Of Maintenance And Maintenance Of Rubber Machinery

Everyone should know that rubber machinery in the rubber industry occupies a very important position, which includes a variety of different equipment, such as rubber extruder, rubber vulcanizer and other rubber machinery are in the production of rubber products are very Important equipment that plays a different function.

    As a user, in order to make these rubber machinery to play a more satisfactory performance, then the daily maintenance work is necessary. So, for these devices, the specific maintenance and maintenance work which includes what? In order to help you friends, in the future work more effectively to maintain our equipment, then, we will share some of the main content to everyone.

    The main contents are: 1, the new arrival of the rubber machinery, be sure to carefully check before the assembly; 2, for steel structures, bearings, bolts, etc., must be careful and ensure that the parts surface all normal, no bad problems; , Check whether there are dust and other debris, and clean up; 4, arrange the staff to do the appropriate record work.

   Specifically, in the daily use, in addition to the correct operation in accordance with the requirements of the operation, should also be regularly maintained and maintained. The staff should not only check the surface of the inspection parts are corrosion, etc., should also promptly tighten all the connecting parts. In addition, it should be arranged for regular cleaning of rubber machinery, for some of the activities of the components should be regularly added lubricants. Of course, should also be done to check the work, if found to have abnormal problems, should be promptly maintained by the professionals.

    The above is a brief description of rubber machinery maintenance and maintenance. Although these work looks more trivial, but it will have a great impact on the use of equipment. If we use the rubber machinery, do the appropriate maintenance and maintenance of the content, it will be conducive to the equipment to maintain good work performance, will have a longer life