air jet looms for sale High Speed Smart Air Jet Loom

High Speed Smart Air Jet Loom
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The main features:

This model is developed based on water jet loom, with transmission system, mechanical let-off, mechanical take-up, shedding section and frame body the same as water jet loom. The differences are with beating section, weft insertion by centralized air jet and human-machine interface displace system. The successful development of the model reduces user equipment cost, which means simple fabrics can be made by low-cost machine. It is suitable to weave cotton, polyester and blend fabric.


Reed space1900mm, 2100mm, 2300mm, 2800mm, 3400mm
Weft selectionMechanical or electric feeder(single or double nozzle electric feeder)
Motor1.8kw, 2.5kw, 2.8kw, 3.5kw
PowerElectromangnet brake pan
Running speed500-700RPM
Weft insertion methodMain nozzle+auxiliary nozzle, use unusual reed, electromagnetic control
Shedding typeCrank shedding, cam shedding, dobby shedding
SelvagePlanetary gear twist   
Auto-stopAuto-stop on broken weft, 2 optical feeler; Broken warp: 6 lines electric contact bar.
Reason for auto-stopIt will be displayed on screen. 4 color led light.
Other auto-stopAuto stop on broken twist and trash yarns.

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