Floor Type Rubber Sheet Cooling Machine

Product Details

• Function and Characteristics:

1. Front access device controlling up and down by cylinder, frequency converter to adjust conveyor belt speed; Joint device adopts cylinder driving with pressing roller joint structure.

2. The isolation agent liquid tank made by 201 stainless steel plate in welding way, with isolation cooling pipe, tank with up and down slot structure, circulation pump circling isolation agent liquid, down tank equipped with isolation agent mixing device.

3. The front lifting device adopts two non-joint ring module to grip conveyor mesh belt, which can transmit rubber tile to hang rubber rod, won’t decline because of steep slope; The inverter to adjust conveyor belt speed.

4. Hang rubber rod moving driven by the motor reducer; Hang rubber rod made by 304 stainless steel pipe in welding way; frequency converter to control conveyor belt; bottom of rubber bellows equipped with water pans made by 201 stainless steel.

5. Back access device adopting non-joint circular conveyor belt with pressing roller for transporting. frequency inverter to adjust conveyor belt conveyor speed.

6. Swing rubber device adopts CAM way, driven by motor through the swing arm with swing box, in order to make the rubber tile stacking well.

• Technical parameters

1. The maximum width of rubber:900mm

2. The thickness of rubber: 4-12mm

3. The maximum drooping length of rubber: 1400mm

4. Power : 380V/50HZ

5. The speed of conveyor belt:4-36m/min

6. Maximum speed of hang rubber rod: 1.37m/min

7. Swing rubber speed :10~20times/min

8. The power of Axial flow fan :0.75 KW

9. The quantity of axial flow fan: 12pcs

10. The full length of machine:About 14meters

• If you need other model, please feel free to contact me, we have 500mm width, 600mm width, 800mm and 1200mm width for your choice.

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