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Injection Molding Machine has following features: 

1) Double cylinder balancing injecting 

2) High-performance, low-noise.

Our Injection Molding Machine has following features:

1) Double cylinder balancing injecting

2) High-performance, low-noise oil pump

3 High-torque oil-motor pre-plasticizing 

4) Multi-step pressure and speed adjusting

5) Five-pivot double-toggle mold locking computer-control with Chinese or English show

6) Oil-motor driving gear mold height adjusting 

7) High-precision position transducer

8) Storage-type grease automatic lubricating system 

9) Digital memory for mold group

10) Pressure and flow whole-proportion running

Injection Unit
Screw Dia.mm404245
Shot Volume (Theoretical)cm3186205235
Injection Weight (PS)g160178205
Injection Speedg/s8594110
Plasticizing Capacityg/s14.617.820
Injection PressureMPa168152132
Screw Speedrpm220
Clamping Unit
Clamping ForceKN1200
Toggle Strokemm320
Space Betweeb Tie Barsmm390×355
Max.Mould Thicknessmm350
Min. Mould Thicknessmm150
Ejictor Strokemm75
Ejector ForceKN30
Max. Pump PressureMPa16
Pump Motor PowerKW11
Heater PowerKW5.85
Dimension (L×W×H) (Approx)m4×1.5×1.7
Machine Weight (Approx)T3.8

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