Disk Type Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

This product uses a hydraulic drive technology and microcomputer control system, can automatically complete the plasticizing and injection molding processes to produce TR, PVC, TPR (or foam) foam soles of thermoplastic materials.

performance characteristics:

(1) using computer control technology, to achieve full control of the machine working condition, with automatic fault report the alarm function.

(2) "touch" the man-machine interface, so that each set of operating parameters and to achieve a comprehensive and intuitive.

(3) feet electronic counting of high-speed electronic coding technology, precise control of the injection volume.

(4) bimetallic screw, tripling its service life than conventional general screw.

(5) using high-pressure clamping, the soles forming a more perfect, and no further processing.

main technical parameters:

Public median10
clamping force1000KN
recommended mold size500 × 380 × 200
screw diameter75mm
injection pressure84MPa
injection speed10cm/sec
screw speed0-250r.p.m
temperature control the number of segments4
fan power3.8kw
electric power10.4kw
motor power22kw
fuel tank capacity680L
Machine Weight4.5tons
production100-150paris / h


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