conveyor belt splicing tools Conveyor Belt Splicing Tools

Product Details

Conveyor belt repair splice tools including:

1.tungsten carbide buffing disc for roughing conveyor belt rubber surface and fabric layer.

2.special knives and blades are for cutting rubber and fabric layer quickly and exactly.

3.brushes and princer :brushes for brushing cement evenly and princer for drag rubber strip.

4.rollers and stitchers: for rolling conveyor belt surface after bonding or vulcanizing to ensure there is no air bubble between conveyor belt layer.

5.double acting roller: for force out trapped air in conveyor belt layer when do cold splicing joint.

6.conveyor belt vice grip: for draging conveyor belt ,save labour. etc...with repair splice tools,repairing will be time saving and convenient, cut down the laybour cost greatly.

The operation can be carried out in the vulcanizing shop or on site.The cutting unit is suitable for cable pitches from 10-25mm and for cable diameters from 4.9-13.2 mm.The rubber cover thickness can be up to 12mm on the running side and up to 25 mm on the carrying side .

The total belt thickness can be up to 40 mm.


no turning of the belt ,because the rubber cover on both sides are removed in one single operation.

thickness of the remaining rubber can be arbitrarily controlled, and this can ensure the vulcanization effects.

easy to operate,save time and reduce labor intensity

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