conveyor belt splicing machine Conveyor Belt Splicing Joint Press

Product Details

The conveyor belt splicing joint press machine’s function is for canvas core, nylon core, and steel core conveyor belt vulcanizing splicing. It’s also been used for anti-corrosion rubber belt, heat-resisting rubber belt vulcanizing splicing. The conveyor belt splicing joint press machine is widely used in the following fields:metallurgy, mines, power stations, ports,building material and chemical,etc. 

The conveyor belt splicing joint press machine is featured as small volume, light weight, easily carry, convenient and safe to operate. It’s powered by three phase 380V electricity. 

The temperature of the heating plate is even. Water supply system provides an even pressure(0-2.0Mpa). 

The conveyor belt splicing joint press machine is equipped with a light weight automatic electric control box, which is connected with the main frame by all-in-one plug and multi-core cable. 

The quality of the conveyor belt splicing directly affects conveyor belt connecting strength, and service life. Especially for nowadays high demanding long distance, high strength conveyor belt transportation.  

So the ZLJ series electric heating water cooling conveyor belt splicing machine is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in rubber conveyor belt transportation machines.

Technical parameters

1. General vulcanizing pressure:1.5Mpa

2. Vulcanizing temperature:145-165℃

3. Heating plate surface temperature difference:±3℃

4. Pre-heating time(ambient temperature to 145℃):<35min

5. Power supply: 220V,380V,440V,660V,50-60HZ

6. Max. Output Power from electric control box:36KW

7. Temperature adjusting range:0-200℃

8. Timing adjusting range:0-99 minutes

9. The gap between upper and lower heating plate under 0.8Mpa pressure:<0.5mm


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