vulcanizing press for sale Column Type Plate Vulcanizing Press

Product Details

The column type plate vulcanizing press machine has four guide column/post.  It's compact in structure,strong,durable and high efficienty.

Column type plate vulcanizing press is mainly used to produce various kinds of rubber and plastic model products as well as non model products. Cater to different products you'll make,we have different  clamping force machine for your choice,e.g.30ton,50ton,80ton,100ton,160ton,200ton,etc

Just tell us your detail requirement or what you  want to make,we'll customize the machine to meet your needs perfectly.

Column type plate vulcanizing press machine structure and feature as below:

1. Column

Use #Q235 or #45 column steel,ball blast rust cleaning,jolting to remove internal stress,and then move to machining workshop to processing,polishing.

2. Hot plate

Double sizing rolling #Q235A steel plate,normalizing treatment; adopt electricity heating pipe to heat,the temperature up to 250°。

3. Up and down table pad

Use Q235 steel plate,in order to guarantee precision,adopt automatic cutting blanking,planer process welding beveled edges,carbon dioxide TIG(Y-slit crack test TIG),use alloy welding wire,then move entirely into furnace to do heat treatment,to remove welding stress thoroughly. Then make finish machining to ensure the table pad never distortion in usage.

4. Oil cylinder

Oil tank adopt QT5007 steel,Piston adopt chilled hard alloy cast iron,seal adopt imported sealing ring and dustproof ring,to ensure long working life.

5. Thermal baffle

Thermal baffle adopt new style material( asbestos free),pressurization ≥400KG/c㎡, thermal conductivity 0.039w/m.h,temperature resistance 220℃~250℃,thickness 12mm.

6. Hydraulic systems

Oil pump adopt imported YB-D model vane pump,which has the feature of low noise,big flow rate,long service life.Hydraulic valve adopt famous brand Huade brand hydrovalve,or Yuken brand. The hydraulic system ensures pressure drop will not exceed 10%,and the hydraulic system has no block up and leak phenomenon. And the hydraulic system has the function of automatic supplement of pressure.

7. Electronics

Delixi brand. or as per customer requirement like Siemens etc.

The operation of the machine is very easy,just put the uncuring-rubber material into the mold,and then push the button,the machine will work automatically to finish the rest of the job. It has temperature sensor to monitor and control the temperature. And the machine will add pressure when it detect the pressure is less than the set pressure (the meter will monitor the pressure).

When the set time comes,the mold will open automatically.

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