Bakelite Knob Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

• Chinese/English controller, screen display, dual-ratio pressure,oil flow control, strong mechanical structure, high injection pressure,suitable for the products of thermosetting molding.

• Possesses all of advantages of the thermoplastic,according to the customers products demands to choose standard type,sliding type(single sliding plate or double sliding plate)rotary type (2 position 3 position or more)and so on of AT, AC, AK Series.

• According to the thermosetting material characters to manufacture special screw and hopper.Guarantee to rotary charge normally under low pressure(50kg/cm3-80k g/cm3).

• Unique mold cylinder structure reduce greatly the distance between large type working platform and the floor.(AT series the height between the working platform and floor is lower 1.2m)

• Strengthen injection system; Injection pressure is higher above 20% than thermoplastic series.

• Professional injection system,insure long using time under high temperature,up and low adiabatic plate cut off heating,oil hydraulic cylinder seal, stable oil temperature and long using time.

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