Air Jet Loom For Glass Fiber

Air Jet Loom For Glass Fiber
Product Details

This air jet loom is specially designed for glass fiber weaving.

It can weave cloth, laminated cloth, copper clad laminated cloth, fabric weight 50g/ m2~300g/m2, and has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, very energy-efficient, cost-effective features.

Main Technical Parameters:

Reed space (cm): 135, 150, 190

Weft selection: electronic single jet,  electronic double jet

Power(motor):  1.5kw, 1.8kw

Running speed: 400~600 rpm

Weft insertion: main and auxillary nozzle and profiled reed, electromagnetic valve control.

Warpbeam:  Φ800mm or  Φ914mm

Shedding: crank shedding

Let-off: mechanical, electrical

Take-up: inside or outside machine

Selvage: planetary gear cutter edge

Cutting: mechanical


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