Air Jet Loom For Cotton Quilt Net

Air Jet Loom For Cotton Quilt Net
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Product Description 

Air Jet Loom For Cotton Quilt Net is specialized in the production of external nets for cotton quilt, with reed space of 260 cm fitting for weaving fabric width 250cm, suitable for all kinds of quilts specifications.

The machine has the following characteristics:

1. with independent air supply mode, greately saves the energy consumption.

2. the electronic single jet weft accumulator, main, auxiliary nozzle and profiled reed combination.

3. crank shedding

4. the four connecting rod beating-up.

5. rough and plain selvage, speed 350-450 rpm, daily output up to 2000 meters. It's a unique weaving loom for fetal gauze production.

Main Components Brand or  Origin:

1. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): Shimpo Co.,Ltd, Japan

2. Plunger: AIWA made in Japan

3. Spring: (SHUNDING SPINOLE CO., LTD) Taiwan,or Japan

4. Non return valve: M.D.H. Co.,LTD made in Korea

5. Nozzle: (M.D.H. CO., LTD)South Korea

6. Bearing: NSK, Japan

7. V-belt,trimming belt, Flat belt : Sanmen Chunguang Co.,Ltd, Made in China

8. Bush: (YUANYI CO., LTD) Taiwan

9. Electronic Feeder for two nozzles: Sanhe, Made in China

10. Electronic Controller: Italy brand, made in China

11. Motor: Qingdao Guofang Generator Co.,Ltd, made in China

12. Oil Seal: (TTO Co.,Ltd) Made in Taiwan

Reed space:260CM

Weft Selection: electronic single injection

Power: electromagnetic brake, angle parking

Motor: 2.2 KW, 2.8KW

Weft Insertion: main, auxiliary nozzle and profiled reed combination

Shedding: two heald frame, crank opening

Let-off: mechanical let-off

Take up: mechanical

Rolling: on machine or outside machine

Selvage: rough

Speed: 380-450 RPM

If you need other model or have other requirements,please feel free to contact me.


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